Rawdon Catholic Cemeteries

The Catholic parish of Mary Queen of the World and St. Patrick's Rawdon has two cemeteries.

These are places of prayer, meditation, respect, remembrance and history where lie the dead of our families who are buried there.

There is the "old" cemetery on the corner of 7th Avenue and Lake Road Morgan.

There is also the "ecumenical" cemetery at the junction of the road to St. Alphonsus Road and Forest.

Tariff concessions :

Lot 6 urns:  $200
Lot 2 places:  $400
Lot 4 places:  $700
Lot 6 places:  $1000

Monument Base:  $200

Maintenance 25 years

urns :  $325
2 places :  $500

4 places: 775$

6 places: 1150$


Burial of an urn: from $290 (May to November)
Burial of a coffin:  from 750$ to 1200
$ (depending on the season)